RISE: Mannequin Challenge
RISE students completed the well-known Mannequin Challenge.
Ben Myers
TEDxOStateU 2015: The Disability Conversation
RISE participant Ben Myers talks about the importance of disability advocacy.
Kiara Turner
Final Farewell: Kiara Turner
SSS participant Kiara Turner recounts her time with TRiO-SSS.

Diversity Academic Support/TRiO

Diversity Academic Support/TRiO is a unit in the Division of Institutional Diversity. Our mission is to provide resources and opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth.

Diversity Academic Support (DAS) is engaged in activities that are designed to help create a more inclusively diverse community of learners at Oklahoma State University. DAS wants to work with all individuals interested in promoting this work. The Retention Initiative for Student Excellence (RISE) and the Inclusion Leadership Program (ILP) are among the initiatives set forth to accomplish these goals.

TRiO programs are funded by grants from the Department of Education.  They were initiated in response to President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty.”  TRiO Programs began in 1964 with the creation of these three intial programs, they became know as the federal TRiO Programs.  Since that time, four more programs have been added, but the name remains the same. Here at OSU we are fortunate to have Upward Bound (UB) and Student Support Services (SSS).

We are excited about our outreach and retention initiatives here at OSU. The DAS/TRiO Department looks forward to helping all program partcipants reach their educational goals.

Faculty & Staff

Please use our office as a resource. We are willing to help with recruiting new faculty/staff, search committees, and new ideas to recruit undergraduates and graduate students.